3 Types of Termites in Aruba and How to Get Rid of Them

When you suspect that your property might have a termite infestation problem, the first thing you should do is to identify the kind of threat you are dealing with, so that it is easier to follow the right termite control protocol.

If you live in Aruba, you must know that the island is home to three different kinds of termites. The most common and destructive one is the Subterranean Termite, followed by its two cousins: the Drywood Termite, and the Dampwood Termite, both of which can cause damage to your property.

The sooner you identify the kind of termite that is invading your house, the sooner you can start taking action to get rid of them. 

Remember that termites never sleep, they are programmed to work and eat consistently, so why should you sleep on them? 

Learn to identify different termites in Aruba and act now before it is too late!

  1. Subterranean Termites:  

Some of them have long, dark brown bodies and translucent wings, while others have cream-colored bodies with no wings.

These are the most destructive ones, they cause damage that appears similar to water damage.

A clear sign of Subterranean Termites infestation is mud tunnels found on the walls of the foundation of a home.

  1. Dampwood Termites:

They range from a light brown color to a reddish-brown, and their wings are usually dark brown. Their size is bigger than other termites. 

Wet wood is generally damp wood termites’ favorite food. These termites infest damp and decaying wood, usually in a place where the wood is in contact with the soil or in places where a leaky pipe has created moisture.

  1. Drywood Termites:

They live deep inside wood; they have a creamy white to light brown color. They don’t need moist soil or water nearby in order to thrive, that’s why swarming tends to occur on warm and sunny days.

They usually establish nests in roof materials, wooden support beams, and furniture.

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How to get rid of termites? 

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