Are Termite Inspections a Must or Not Really? Find Out All You Need to Know About Termite Inspections

While you are sitting relaxed at home there might be an uninvited guest hiding behind your walls with over 500,000 friends waiting hungrily for the feast: walls, beams, floorboards, decks, the menu is quite diverse. Now, it’s up to you if you want to uncover them and protect your home with a Termite Inspection or not.

In this short article, we’ll dive into all you need to know about Termite Inspections, and explain whether or not you actually need one.

Do you know the structural damage that termites can cause to your home?
The list goes on for floor and ceiling collapse, ruined furniture, and carpeting. The good news? You can protect your home too, and it starts with a Free Termite Inspection!

What’s a Termite Inspection and What Does an Inspector Look For?
Professional Pest Control’s Free Inspection consists of performing a thorough examination of the whole property, this is when our trained experts can determine the presence of termite activity, including:

  • Deformities in drywall, doors, windows, and wall facings
  • Termite excrement (it looks like wood shavings)
  • Tiny mud tunnels, often near the foundation or cracks in your home’s structure
  • Termite wings or actual termites themselves
  • Wood that sounds hollow when you knock on it

When Should I Get a Termite Inspection?
Termite inspections are a must when you are buying a new house, but also, no matter how much time you’ve been living in your home, what’s important is that termite inspections are conducted early in the infestation process, so the sooner the better!

If during the termite inspection, we do find termite activity, we’ll be able to stop termites before they inflict significant damage. If you do not think your home is currently infested with pests, regular inspections are still beneficial. Don’t give these sneaky invaders a chance to settle in, and act to safeguard your home now.

What Happens If I Don’t Get a Termite Inspection?
If you are lucky enough, your property might be magically safe from termites, but if you’re not, and you decide to take the risk of not having an Inspection, the termite infestation can spread throughout the property and cause extensive damage. When a house suffers severe structural damage, it might become unsafe to live in, which nobody wants.

How Often Do I Need a Termite Inspection?
The best approach is to call Professional Pest Control for an annual routine termite inspection. If you’re fortunate, you’ll receive the all-clear. However, if termites are detected, the good news is you can address the issue before it escalates into a major problem with Professional Pest Control Termite Treatment.

How Much Does a Termite Inspection Cost?
Professional Pest Control is proud to offer termite inspections in Aruba and Bonaire completely free of charge.

Safeguard your home today with a FREE Termite Inspection from Professional Pest Control in Aruba and Bonaire. Protect your investment and sleep soundly knowing your home is termite-free!