General Clean Out

Our first service provided will be a general clean out in order to create a hygienic and pest-free environment that forms the basis of all our future pest control activities.

During this General Clean-out, the main focus lies on the elimination of existing pest populations. Our technicians will provide special care and an extended input of manpower and equipment. This does not only show you immediate results, but also greatly pays back in the future.

Surrounding your home or business a pest barrier will be established, making sure that the pest elimination has a long-lasting effect and your property will remain free of pests, such as rodents and insects.

In addition to that major treatment, our certified technicians will inspect your property and identify entry points, hot spots, and food sources. It is part of all our treatments to offer our recommendations regarding pest preventing solutions.

In case we can recognize areas that support pests in the growth, we will give you information about actions that can be taken to decrease such development.

Having created this pest-free environment has the advantage that further control activities can fully concentrate on the upholding of the set standard.

With the appropriate maintenance, barriers set at your property prevent new pests from entering your premises, meaning that better results can be achieved at fewer expenses.

Further development of pest occurrence is being monitored, set barriers are maintained continuously and, where necessary, spot treatments are being performed.