How to Prevent Termites From Spreading In Your Home

Once you have detected the signs of termite infestation at home, you should take steps to prevent their spread, and avoid wasting time, money, and effort dealing with structural damage that comes when termite colonies expand.

Here’s a list of things that you can do to prevent termites from spreading:

Get Rid of Any Moisture

Termites love moisture, that’s why you should do all you can to reduce moisture especially if you live in a humid environment.
We recommend you use a dehumidifier and keep the air conditioner on during summer to remove excess moisture from the air indoors.

Declutter Your House for More Effective Termite Treatments

Make sure to get rid of piles of accumulated items where termites might hide, such as useless papers, cardboard, old magazines, and newspapers because they provide a great habitat for termites.

Place Infected Items in the Sun

Termites cannot stand the heat, that’s why a good way to prevent termite colonies from spreading is to place infected items in direct sunlight for at least three consecutive days. The heat will kill termites and remove the moisture preventing the chances of re-infestation

Fix leaks or any decay

Fix and seal the leakages, decaying roofs, and walls soaked in moisture, as termites can easily live there.
Be careful with leakage in the basement which can be especially inviting to termites since it’s closer to the ground.

Hire a Specialist to Perform a Thorough Inspection at home

Termites can be difficult to detect, so if you have already spotted some of the signs of termite infestation, a Pest Control Professional can help you uncover other places where these tiny creatures are hiding.

Contact Professional Pest Control to schedule a termite inspection and stop termite infestation from spreading at home.