If You Smell This in Your Home, Termites Might Be Around!

Staying alert for signs of pest infestation can save you a LOT of trouble in the future! Keep reading to find out how to detect termites by their smell, and how to stop them from causing any damage to your property on time.

Some pest infestations do not leave visual signs, but they can be found by smell. If you notice an unexplainable odor inside your home, it means a pest might be invading your property. Some of the most common odor-detectable pests include roaches, rodents, and TERMITES!

Termites are the kind of pest that usually leaves both visual as well as odor traces. Visual signs that can give you a hint of termite infestation are peeling paint, mud tubes, and maze-like patterns in furniture.

Here’s how to detect termites by odor

Experts agree that there is a subtle smell that can clue you in that you have termites lurking on your property.

The particular scents associated with subterranean termites are mold and mildew, this is due to their living conditions being moist soil and damp.

You are probably wondering “What if the moldy smell is just a leak?”, well, it might be, but it’s better not to take the risk of getting severe property damage and get a Free Termite Inspection.

What to do once you’ve detected the moldy odor from termites?

Now it’s time to start a plan with the pest control experts in Aruba and Bonaire! First, Professional Pest Control offers you a FREE inspection to make sure you are dealing with a termite infestation.

Once the magnitude of the problem is identified, we provide the most adequate pest control treatment to keep your property protected. We also provide a Pre-foundation Termite Treatment for properties under construction.

Contact us today and we’ll help you deal with termites or any other unpleasant pest!