Rodent Control

Rodents are one of the most prevalent pests in our Caribbean climate. The reason for this can be seen in large birth sizes and short breeding cycles. Consuming a wide variety of foods further stipulates their growth.

The presence of rodents and their droppings is not only unhygienic but can also transmit diseases. For that reason, it is a relevant issue to reduce the rodent population and free your area of un-hygiene and infections.

Our technicians completely inspect your home or property to identify the problem. Further, we detect possible food sources; water sources our entry points from where rodents enter your property.

The existing rodent population is being eliminated by Professional Pest Control through:

In the trapping process, a selection of traps, such as normal traps, snap traps, or glue trays are being placed.

Captured rodents indicate pest activity. All disposals will be done by Professional Pest Control.

Bait stations:
Bait stations are the only responsible way to place rat-baits at any places where animals other than rats or human beings have access to.

These stations are specially made for rodents as they fit their body characteristics and give rodents a safe feeling.

During the first week, Professional Pest Control fills these stations with attractive foods that make rodents feel unsuspicious and use the station with several intervals. 

This has the benefit that, at the time the stations are filled with toxic bait products, a large fraction of the rodent population will be eliminated.

Our technicians are highly trained in finding to most efficient and safest spaces for these stations.

All equipment is placed in a manner that is invisible, inaccessible and does not impose a threat for humans, pets or plants.

These two treatments will strongly decimate the population of rodents. However, rodents reproduce rapidly and their offspring is capable of reproducing within three months. This means that problems will soon re-appear if monthly control is not applied.

Professional Pest Control manages the rodent population by:

Providing our monthly service to the bait station (cleaning service, re-fills and replacements)

Giving advice in reports to our customers on issues as Waste Management, Hygiene, Cleaning, tree trimming and other IPM measures that can be taken to avoid rodent infestation.

Monthly Monitoring of the situation and take firm action when necessary.

Professional Pest Control applies rodent glue boards to visualize rodent activity and locate their active spots.