Stay One Step Ahead of Termites and Prevent Property Damage

A single termite may not be a cause for alarm, but termite colonies, particularly old ones, are capable of destroying entire structures at a faster rate than you would think. The problem with these sneaky insects is that while they hide behind your walls, floors, and ceilings, chewing and damaging them silently, you probably won’t even notice them.

Termites can remain undetected for years and cause huge structural damage to your property. Some of the structural components damaged by termites in a house are the following ones:

  • Wall studs
  • Roof supports
  • Support beams
  • Ceiling joists
  • Foundations
  • Attics

You must be aware that damages caused by termites are often costly and hard to repair. Homeowners spend an average of AWG. 8,000 only in repairs. An amount that you should not risk paying. Don’t let termites take over your home and stay one step ahead of them!

What can you do in order to stop these destructive creatures before it is too late?

The first step is to look for visible signs of termite infestation like sagging floors and ceilings, piles of wings, traces of dust, and areas that seem to be damaged by water. The second step is to avoid the risk of having destructive termite damage on your property by getting a Free Termite Inspection done by Professional Pest Control.

There are 3 reasons why it is important that you make a termite inspection:

  1. It can help to spot infestation signs you might have missed.
  2. It can guide you on what is the most suitable treatment for the kind of termite infestation you may be dealing with.
  3. It helps to prevent future termite invasions.

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