Termite Treatments

Termites live in the ground, they are voracious eaters and they come up to eat anything that is made out of wood, such as furniture, door- and window frames, ceilings etc. A professional treatment against termites is the only way to stop them from destroying your prestigious property.

To protect your property against termites, we have a couple of different kinds of treatments.

Complete Termite Treatment

Professional Pest Control’s Termite Treatment Plan consists of the following:
Digging a trench along the edge outside of your property and fill this with termiticide (EPA- (Environmental Protection Agency) approved).

Drilling wherever possible, the foundation through the exterior wall, to reach underneath the interior floor and drilling the inside areas where termites are spotted.

Injecting on of the best termiticides on the market today.

Pre- Foundation Termite Treatment

This treatment is done before pouring the floor of your property and is a very cost effective service.

Special treatment (gas/spray) against “dry-wood termite” in ceiling and special treatment (gas/spray) against “powder post beetles” in furniture.

Treated buildings receive three (3) years warranty by Professional Pest Control, this means that in the unlikely event during those three years, any subterranean termite activity is reported, Professional Pest Control will inspect the property and provide remedial treatment(s), spot or full, with a liquid termiticide as required to eliminate or control termites, free of charge. (This warranty exclusively covers labor + termiticide in the treatment hereof.)