Tips to Make Your Home Termite Proof in 2023

This is the year to feel safe and comfortable at home, which is equivalent to not having any pest infestation or damaged structures and furniture due to little termite families invading your space.

Let me tell you that it is possible to make your home a termite-proof space by following these simple but important tips from Professional Pest Control. 

Let’s start by saying that early detection is a must if you want to gain control over the situation.

  • Get a Professional Inspection

Experts will know exactly where to look for termites, and what to look for in order to rule out the presence of a nest in your home. This will be determinant for early detection and for finding the right solutions that will help you have a termite-proof home this year. 

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  • Do a Drainage Check

Don’t forget about your home’s drainage, make sure drainage is working without any leakage, and check that they are not clogged and that water flows freely. 

Besides that, you can also put bug screens in drainage pipes and gutters to keep termites from invading your home.

  • Ventilation Is the Key!

Keep your house’s humidity low by making sure every room has proper ventilation. Keep in mind that termites grow faster in a humid environment, that’s why providing constant airflow is a must to keep them away!

  • Remove Unnecessary Wood from Your Home

Avoid having stored card boxes, newspapers, or other paper-based materials, as well as wood debris or firewood that contains cellulose, termites will find them and start devouring all of it. If you must store these types of items, place them on a  termite-resistant material like stones.

  • Fix What Needs to Be Fixed

When you keep your home well-maintained, you are able to detect termites on time. We advise you to fix broken water pipes, leaky roofs, or broken roofing tiles immediately so flying termites do not have access to your home.

Now you are all set to have 2023 free from termites! 

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