3 Termite Control FAQs and What We Use to Stop Termites

Termites might look like harmless little creatures, but they are much more powerful than you think. They create their own world inside our homes without us even noticing, and little by little they become larger in number and can cause significant damage.

For that reason, having adequate Termite Control that includes an effective Termicide is essential to maintain a Pest-Free Home and avoid future damages and costly repairs.

Here Are 3 Termite Control FAQs You Can’t Miss!

  1. What Is the Best Method for Preventing Termite Infestation?

The ideal way to create a protective barrier against termites at home is by getting a Pre-foundation Termite Treatment during the construction phase of your home. If you didn’t get one or you are not sure your home has one, don’t worry, Professional Pest Control can still help you protect your home from Termites. 

  1. Can I Do a Termite Treatment Myself?

Treating Termites requires particular knowledge, experience, and equipment, that’s why it is not recommended that homeowners perform termite control treatments by themselves. Remember termite colonies tend to hide in places only professionals can detect, so if you want to have effective results, it’s best you contact Professional Pest Control. 

Check our article: Places You Didn’t Know Termites Lived In, for more information about this topic. 

  1. Are Termiticides the Best Option to Stop Termites?

The answer is YES! But be careful because not any kind of termiticide works as effectively as Termidor, which is the one we recommend and use to stop termites! 

The Ultimate Termite Control Solution We Use Is Termidor® 80 WG 

This powerful Termiticide/insecticide helps prevent and control subterranean termites, which are the most common termite species in Aruba and Bonaire. 


  • It effectively controls termites as well as other pests like ants, bugs, centipedes, cockroaches, and more!
  • Termidor is odor-free. 
  • It has long-term and effective results.
  • It creates an insect barrier for up to 6 months.

Contact Professional Pest Control today and get the top Termite Control Solution for your home!