Smart Ways to Reduce Termite Control Costs and Keep Your Property Safe

Whether you are trying to reduce costs for your home or vacation property’s maintenance, learning how to protect your property from termite infestation is a must! A termite infestation can be both financially draining as well as structurally damaging. But there’s no need to worry, we’ve got your back with effective strategies to help you save money on termite control without compromising on effectiveness.

  1. Choose Potent Termiticides for Maximum Impact

Not all termite control products are created equal, and wasting time and money on ineffective solutions is the last thing you need. What you need is the certified warranty of Termidor® 80 WG, a potent long-lasting solution that provides 3-year protection to any property, Professional Pest Control uses this product to help you save money in the long run. 

  1. Prevention is the Key to Smart Saving: Invest in a Pre-Foundation Termite Treatment

In termite control, prevention is worth a pound of cure. A Pre-FoundationTermite Treatment is the most effective way to stop infestations before they start. Making this investment while your property is being built can save you from costly termite damage repairs down the road.

Contact the experts at Professional Pest Control to find out more about how it works. 

  1.  The Ultimate Money Saver: Regular Termite Inspections

Regular inspections can be the key to significant long-term savings. Professional Pest Control’s FREE Termite Inspection is an accessible way to identify issues before they escalate along with the cost of repairing them. When potential infestations are caught in their early stages, termite control treatments are more affordable, and extensive damage can be avoided.

  1. Be Smarter than Termites and Save on Termite Control: Seal Entry Points to Keep Termites at Bay!

A simple and cost-effective way to combat termites is by denying them access to your home or vacation property. A way of doing this is by sealing cracks in your foundation and walls, as well as sealing any openings around windows, doors, pipes, and vents.

Learn more about termite control in our article: 3 Termite Control FAQs and What We Use to Stop Termites.

Saving money on termite control means making strategic choices that ensure both your property and your finances stay secure. By selecting Professional Pest Control’s effective termite control measures you’ll be on your way to a termite-free property.