Warm Weather and Termites: What’s the Connection?

Are Warm Temperatures and Humidity the Perfect Environment for Termite Infestation? 

You are about to find out!

If there’s one thing we know about termites is that they love hot weather! But when temperatures get higher than what they prefer, termites tend to search for moisture around homes before searching outdoors. Find out the Places You Didn’t Know Termites Could Live In.

For that reason, leaky homes or ones with condensation accumulation are also appealing to them, enabling them to grow their colonies in naturally warm climates with high humidity conditions.

Why is important for you to know about the connection between Termites and Warm Weather?

Both Aruba and Bonaire are known to have warm weather climates, both islands’ climates are tropical semi-arid, hot all year round with daytime temperatures hovering around 30/33 degrees, and the average humidity ranges between 76% and 80%.

What this means is that termites feel really comfortable on these two Caribbean Islands, and they might choose your home as their next stop to grow their colonies. 

You must consider that Termites present different serious problems once they are settled and determined to work together,  they can chew through walls, carpeting, floors, and wallpaper leaving serious damages that will lead to costly repairs.

How To Prevent Termites in Warm Weather

  • First, you need to get a Free Termite Inspection to make sure that they are not already hiding inside your home’s structures. 
  • Second, you must check for any leaks and excess moisture around your home.
  • Third, you must get either a preventive treatment to protect your home from future infestation, or you must get the most adequate Termite Control Treatment depending on how big the problem is.

You have nothing to worry about because Professional Pest Control will guide you through each step of the way! Contact the Termite Control experts today.